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West Beam 10.00 am - 1.00 pm
Site maintenance.
AGM 10.00 am - 12.30 pm
Venue: Chagford Jubilee Hall (small parking fee)
Coffee. AGM. Followed by:
An audio-sensory experience into the mine at Rammelsberg Mountain, Germany.

There is evidence that ore was first extracted as early as 3,000 years ago and since then 27 million tons of copper, lead and zinc have been produced. The huge mine was only closed in 1988 and it has been preserved intact and now forms an amazing inter-active museum which forms part of the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site with the Old Town of Goslar.

The hall will be blacked out and we will experience
an audio-sensory experience into the depths of the workings. A trip on the mine railway and on an incline to the dressing floors where wagons trundle noisily around and the ore is processed by a series of machinery and to levels where vast waterwheels are linked to flat rod systems and underground leats, and to areas where ore was retrieved by the fire-setting methods.

Presentation by David Eeles
Afternoon Walk 1.30 pm - 5.00 pm
Venue: Chagford Jubilee Hall car park
The three mill areas we shall be visiting are all on private land and permission has kindly been given for us to explore these sites, two of which the DTRG has never before had access to. Members to meet at the car park where directions will be given for the visits and car sharing organised if necessary. The mills are situated quite close together and two of them are easy to access, so members of all abilities should have no difficulty.
Tinworking, Mining and Miners in Ashburton a Community Day All day
Venue: Ashburton Town Hall
Open to all.
This day will explore the rich legacy of mining in the Ashburton parish area, Two talks, exhibitions, bookstalls and afternoon walk will provide excellent stimulation for discovery and discussion.
The event will be free of charge but donations will be welcome to cover the costs incurred by DTRG in organizing the day.

Please indicate your attendance by emailing
so as to give us an idea of the numbers expected.
10:00 Exhibitions, bookstalls etc,
10:15 DTRG: the Tinworks and Tin Mines of Ashburton Parish
11:15 Coffee, exhibitions, bookstalls, etc.
11:45 DTRG: 'The Ashburton Copper and Umber Mines'
12:45 Lunch (own arrangements),
14:00 The afternoon field trip will involve driving to the important mining area around Owlacombe. Parking is available at SX 767 733. This is a fascinating mining landscape, with a number of mining features, surviving structures and tinworking remains dating from the medieval period, right through to the early 20th century. The area has a fairly typical mining profile, with numerous individuals and companies attempting to work the tin deposits with varying degrees of success. The documentary records tell an interesting story of ownership challenges, water disputes, changes in mining technology, mining individuals and private investment. The remains are all on private land and we are very grateful to the landowners for their permission to visit the various tinworks, mines and dressing floors. The walk does involve some slopes and rough terrain, so sturdy footwear is recommended.
exhibitions, bookstalls, etc,
17:00 Finish
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Blowing Houses at Yealm Steps - vist 11.00 am - 3.00 pm
Venue: Cornwood Inn Car Park - SX 606 596
On this walk we will be visiting the remains of two blowing houses situated on the upper reaches of the River Yealm. The upper blowing house contains a furnace, float stone and mould stone, The wheel pit is preserved as a buried feature and there are traces of a feat leading towards the western side of the building, Other tinworking remains to be seen include openworks and tin streamworks, There are also a number of prehistoric features to explore on the route, Please bring a packed lunch. No need to pre-book. Just turn up on the day.
Leader Bob Bruce.