Diary Dates
10:00am - 1:00pm West Beam work morning
Venue: Nr. Ashburton
A group of volunteers investigated mine related features. If you'd like to join please email our DTRG chairman
Email address: to email leader click red title above first
2:00pm - 5:00pm West Vitifer and Bushdown Mine Walk
Venue: Bennett's Cross carpark at SX 681 817 on the B3212
We will explore the tin working remains of Bushdown Mine and West Vitifer Mine, the latter a mid- 19th Century working, in a pleasant stroll down what is now called the North Walla Brook. The Vitifer mine, although small and having no great history, is in an attractive location and has all the features one would expect of a mine of this vintage. We will see what is possibly Dartmoor's most picturesque tree! The going is fairly easy, a bit wet in places and across heather moor, using paths where possible. No need to contact leader before coming unless the weather looks particularly bad.
Email address: Contact David Eeles
01803 326095