Research Projects

Ann Whitbourn Project Leader

Two main projects:

Moor Than Meets The Eye (MTMTE) link

Murray Oates - Tinners' Huts

Phil Newman began the Tinners' Hut project. It was then continued by Bob Bruce and then by Nigel Heath. Unfortunately the surveys and reports, completed by various members, haven't been made available for the website.
The work presented here is from my individual personal research.

Have combined information from various sources. The map shows the relationship of Tinners' Huts (and caches) to streamworks and prehistoric hut circles. I've categorized the tinners' huts into 4 types. An artistic rather than archaeological interpretation. There are 5 types of cache.
Other data shows the relationship of mines, lode backs and openworks to mortar stones (disc size represents no. of "cups"). As each "cup" bears a direct relationship to the amount of ore stamped.

Greg Bradbury Co-ordinator

Two projects with a third one on Blowing Mills researched by Chris TinMiner


Old Photographs