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50 newsletters along with the Upper Merrivale Excavation reports, and a range of project information has been digitised and published in CD form. This library of CD’s provides a valuable resource for those wishing to carry out their own research into tinworking.

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The digital newsletters allow you to complete your collection, save shelf space and search through the contents more easily. You can print entire newsletters or individual pages to take with you on expeditions without damaging your original copies. The project CD’s gather together as much available information as possible on the particular topic. They include pictures, survey plans, and reports.

A user guide is included on every disk to show you how to search for key words or phrases using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Newsletters, on CD, 1 to 20
Newsletters, on CD, 21 to 40
Newsletters, on CD, 41 to 50 **new**

Download DTRG Newsletter Index 1-40

Brimpts Mine CD

The CD for the Brimpts Mine project includes digital versions of the original Roger Bird / Peter Hurst survey drawings, reports, and pictures of the works carried out by volunteers throughout the years of the project.

Upper Merrivale Excavation CD:

Preliminary Report
Interim Reports 1 to 5
Plus several photos, all on CD



Beckamoor Combe Survey CD
Roughtor Mine Project CD
Brimpts Mine Project CD


trail guide leaflet Great Courts book
Brimpts Tin Mines (Trail Guide)
The Great Courts of Devon Tinners 1510 - 1710

More items for sale:

Conference & field guide booklet:
Conference medallion:
Conference and Field guide booklet medallion


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Updated August 2017